“Nancy brings real creative energy and clarity to a brief. I've worked with her on a wide range of projects now over the last 8 years and they're always on time, on budget and the client goes away stunned at what she's achieved for them.“
Simon Gallimore
former Executive Producer, Media Trust

“Nancy’s film Dare to Care, about people who intervene when they witness violent crime evoked a huge response amongst viewers when it was shown on BBC South East. She is an experienced and intelligent film maker who was a pleasure to work with.”
Alison Rooper, In Focus Productions
former Series Editor, BBC “First Sight”

“Nancy has made a very fine film for us under very difficult circumstances. Her professionalism, attention to detail and drive, together with her warm and personable approach won over contributors and crew alike. Under her leadership everyone gave their all to the production - and still came out smiling! The fact that it has won an international award is full credit to her. I am very much looking forward to the next production with Nancy at the helm.”
Ingrid Falck, Flashhback Television
Executive Producer, “A West African Story”

“The International Planned Parenthood Federation lost $5 million in funding when George W. Bush withdrew US aid from non-US organisations which provided abortion information.
    We sent Nancy to Georgia and Peru to visit communities whose funding was under threat. She hit the ground running. Undaunted by bad transportation, poor communication facilities and other difficulties in developing communities, Nancy came back to London with amazing footage.
    Self-motivated and creative, and a stickler for accuracy and detail, Nancy produced a film which became a central part of IPPF’s fund-raising campaign. The film reached European heads of government, international foundations, individual donors and members of the public. IPPF recouped its losses, and more, within mere months.
    Nancy had a great deal to do with this historic success.”

Hannah Pandian former Communications Director, International Planned Parenthood Federation

All photographs Nancy Platt except homepage photo by Simon Clark.